Animation Workshop

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About the Program

This program is unique in that the participants will have an opportunity to interact with professional animators who have or have had active roles in the animation industry.  Also, they will get a hands-on opportunity to experience the importance of the technical trades to the pre- and post- production aspects of developing and completing a multi-media production, and how artistic vision is just as important in ‘behind the scenes’ activities as well as in the hands on animating aspects.

It is our objective to unite youth of all cultures in the community in an interactive environment  with professional role models from the animation industry, reflective of their cultures and genders that are sensitive to the frustrations and obstacles that novices face in the industry.  This is done in conjunction with personnel that can supervise, create, and innovate techniques, as well as help to create artistic material that will have a direct intervention and most importantly, preemptive impact on the students and community served.  The participants will have the opportunity to create projects in a variety of areas with focus on crossover skill development from artistic to technical, and technical to artistic.  Within their classroom, the environment will be that of a professional atmosphere under the pressures of actual production scheduling, but in an atmosphere of discipline, camaraderie, benevolence, and inspiration that will build the values of self-esteem and team work for the benefit of the project and the participant.  Our goal is to provide continuous disciplined programs supervised by industry professionals who, as much as possible, have keen insight to the daily environment that our participants live in.

In partnering with schools, faith based youth programs and youth oriented organizations, it is our objective to expose the youth to the world of animation production multimedia technologies and help them express themselves in a creative and constructive manner.  Our Animation Workshop is available as an addition or extension to existing afterschool and summer programs for youth between the ages of 10 to 17 years.

Animation Workshop Summary

The Animation Workshop is facilitated with close supervision and stresses the relevance of the field of animation and visual arts media to the participants daily studies, such as reading and writing (storyboard creation), math (movement counting), and social interaction and accountability (group projects). Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics all play an integral part in producing an animated project as a whole. The science, engineering, and mathematics fields are now an important aspect of animation production with the use of computer programs for both 2D and 3D animation.

The Animation Workshop is designed to develop the participant’s skills in basic animation production. During this period, youth will learn the fundamentals of professional animation while being exposed to creative script and storyboard writing, animatics for testing the projects outcome, and nonlinear and linear editing. This is a foundation class for creative, technical and literal value of being trained in the use of classic animation tools and the new media technology, as applied to animation. The workshop will expose the participants to various work areas within the animation industry (creative writing, editing, sound, design, etc) and the various career opportunities within the animation industry.

The Animation Workshop will provide a multimedia technologies course for youth between the ages of 10 to 17 years old.

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