Afrokids TV Channel

LSMultimedia, Inc.’s streaming channel Afrokids® TV Channel offers a content selection developed especially for our children and their family.  Its worth cannot be calculated in dollars, but its value is giving young minds a positive view of themselves, which helps to build character and self-esteem.

Afrokids® TV Channel features:

Stories about the Afrokids® facing a multitude of situations to over come while growing up.  They learn about responsibility, respect for themselves and others, self esteem, being short, tall, not very athletic, bullying, what it takes to achieve their goals, and more.

Black History is a historical view of Black America with videos depicting the lives and contributions of  Black Americans whose accomplishments have been an inspiration for all people everywhere.  This channel will be updated periodically.

Ventriloquist and their pals offer skits that entertain, as well as, address topics that children might experience while growing up.  Topics, such as, peer pressure, reacting to new situations, money management, telling the truth, respect, etc. 

What Our Kids Are Doing offers positive images to inspire children. Interviews with kids expressing their opinions on various topics.  Spotlight on children and their achievements in music, sports, science, and education just to name a few.

For the very young, Afro-Classic Rhymes offers age old nursery and playtime rhymes with an Afrocentric flavor changing some of the characters, rhymes, and adding various music genres (blues, latin, rap, classical, and contemporary) to entertain and amuse young children.  Afro-Classic Story time – animation, live action, illustrations, and puppetry tell old and new tales.

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