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We promote educational awareness through character building content in a format that children will learn from while being entertained.  The digital product content is for young children (3 years to 12 years of age) to aid in the development of their character, self-esteem and understanding the rules of life.  It is important to reach children as early as possible in their development. 

LSMultimedia, Inc.'s Universe

Kid-friendly, family oriented ethnically centric edutainment interactive subscription website with media that offers a variety of animated shows produced in various media styles. Among the features appearing on this website are an animated adventures series (Afrokids® Adventures), historical people and events, Afro-Classic Rhymes, Afro-Classic Storytelling, and e-books, games, and puppets.

Afrokids.com is an alternative destination for African American children and families who are looking for guidance, cultural awareness, and achievement recognition. The Blog offers important information on parental guidance.

LSMultimedia, Inc. streaming channel Afrokids® TV Channel offers a content selection developed especially for our children and their family. Its worth cannot be calculated in dollars, but its value is giving young minds a positive view of themselves, which helps to build character and self-esteem. Streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

The Workshop incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in teaching animation and game development which allows students to explore greater depths of all of the subjects by utilizing the skills learned; these skills are going to be required in order for today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders. All jobs are requiring workers to have a greater ability to think critically, and work as a member of a team and independently.

The Afrokids Family website is an extension of LSMultimedia, Inc.’s Afrokid.tv subscription website, but  for adults. The website is free with advertising and is a resource for parents, guardians, and educators of young children. The creators of the website through affiliations and partnerships with people who deal with child development and education offers information and guidance to assist the caretakers in fostering their charge’s mental and social development.

LSMultimedia, Inc. Investment Opportunities

Participate and share in the burgeoning technology media market and the new delivery systems.  LSMultimedia, Inc. promotes educational awareness through character building content in a format that children will learn from while being entertained.  Below are several ways you can help keep our mission alive!
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What Our Customers Say

"Thanks Afrokids.com for educating black families and helping kids understand their true cultural heritage, you're appreciated."
Anita F.
“Awesome! I've laid eyes on your site! It is needed for our community! I have begun sharing your link to families that I know would benefit from your site in some form or fashion! Keep paving the way for us! It means a lot.”
attractive, beautiful, girl
Jasmine S.
“Perfect, I love this. I will share this because this is amazing for our future African American kids. As well as, parents thank you for explaining. I will def share your account with some other friends that could possibly help your cause. The future means a lot. Your organization means a lot. So thank you.”
man, portrait, homeless
John J.
“Love it! I have a group of young children that I coach every Saturday and I have a challenge with designing material for them, because I am not a teacher, or a psychologist; I m a single mom who wants to make sure we are raising black boys and girls who are not only proud of their skin and their heritage, but who are balanced, happy, caring, purpose driven individuals.”
Briana T.

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